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*NEW* Fusion Fine/Medium Square Sanding Block
*NEW* Fusion Fine/Medium Angled Sanding Block
*NEW* Fusion Fan Deck
Fusion Pouring Resin


Pouring Resin is an acrylic pouring medium for creating beautiful art on canvas or wood that dries with a gloss finish.

This Pouring Resin mixes seamlessly with Fusion to create beautiful and unique acrylic pour artwork. It can be used on canvas or furniture, or any surface that Fusion sticks to. It finishes to a durable, glossy finish, and can even be used on its own as a finish over top of Fusion Mineral Paint. It can even be painted on top of for a multi-dimensional look.

– Durable glossy finish
– Easy to Use
– No topcoat needed
– Non-toxic
– No VOCs


*NEW* Fusion Cell Enhancer x 6

6 x 60ml bottles

Made of a high-grade silicone oil that will enhance, enlarge, and increase the number of cells within your resin art application.

Simply add a couple of drops to each mixed colour, and let the Cell Enhancer do the rest.

Please note, you CANNOT PAINT OVER a surface that includes Cell Enhancer

*NEW* Fusion Extender x 6

60 ml bottle.

Extender increases the drying time and helps reduce the visibility of brush strokes. It is similar to Floetrol. 

*NEW* Fusion Crackled Texture

250ml bottle

Fusion TSP x 4

250ml Plastic Bottle x 4


Fusion DIY Magazine (60 pages colour ) x 10 *ON SALE*
Fusion Brush Cleaner 150ml (limit 1)

Made from naturally refined linseed oil, a derivative of flax seed, Fusion™ Linseed Soap safely cleans and conditions all of your artist brushes. Use for all types of brush hair, from sable to synthetic. Great for cleaning hands, floors and work surfaces!

For a greener studio and well-cared for artist tools.

100% natural, non-toxic and virtually odourless!

 Directions: lather hands or working tools with soap and rinse with water.

150ml tube x 3

Fusion Brush Cleaner 1 Litre
3 x Fusion 1" Synthetic Flat Paint Brush

2.5 cms wide.

A small workshop style synthetic bristle brush, with smooth bristles for a smooth paint finish. Great for trims.

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