Miss Mustard Seed Video Tutorials

Along with watching our video tutorials, we suggest reviewing our helpful HOW TO GUIDE brochure that comes with paint purchases to get you painting like a pro.

Are you brand new to Milk Paint? This video tutorial will show you the very basics of how to mix water with the powdered Milk Paint and what to expect from the consistency.

Abbe Doll, Primary Educator, has some great tutorials on mixing Milk Paint with a whisk, Miss Mustard Seed Paint Mixer or Mason jar. Click here to visit site.

Applying this paint is so easy and forgiving, but the feel of it is very different from other paints on the market. Watch this video if you've never applied it before and want to know how it's 'supposed' to look.

Most Milk Paint colors require a second coat if an opaque look is desired. Watch this tutorial to see how to apply a second coat.

One of the things I love most about Milk Paint is the way it will chip away from certain non-porous finishes. In this video, I show how to achieve that ”chippy” look and share one of my favorite distressing tools.

Hemp Oil is an all-natural top coat that is perfect to use over milk paint, raw wood, cutting boards and wood counters. This video shows how easy it is to apply.

Do you want to make your milk paint super smooth? Here's how…

How to get a chip-free finish with the Bonding Agent