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Funky Junk - Antiques Stencil

22.25" x 8"

Funky Junk - Bakery Stencil
Funky Junk - Lunch Stencil
Funky Junk - Apple Farm
Funky Junk - Plaid Shirt Stencil
Funky Junk - Route 66 Stencil

10" x 10"

Decorative Stencil

Fusion™ Stencils are very high quality, laser cut, out of hazy 10 mil tear resistant polyester base mylar.

- 10 mil is so sturdy there is minimal movement when working on your paint projects providing optimum accuracy

-  it’s thick enough to use for all your Sand Stone and Smooth Embossing Paste projects

-  Stencils clean up beautifully with warm water between projects for multiple reuse.

-  The resealable packaging (with built in hanger) is perfect for storing your stencil between use

12" x 9"

Nautical Stencil

30cm x 30cm

Flower Stencil

30cm x 30cm

Whale Stencil

30cm x 30cm

Drawer Stencil

10" x 6"


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