Textures & Transfer Gel

Fusion Fresco 75g

Small size makes about 5 Pints (2.4 litres) of Chalky Flat Finish

or 1 Pint Sea Swept/Crackled look. 

Large size makes 25 Pints (11.8 litres) Chalky Flat Finish

or about 8 Pints (3.8 litres) of the Sea Swept/Crackled Look

Transfer Gel 250ml

Clear, quick drying with a matte finish, ideal for transferring printed images on to wood, paper or other non-oily or greasy, porous surfaces. For interior applications. Water resistant.

DIRECTIONS: Transfer images using laser print photocopies. Apply transfer gel to the support. Place printed image (print in mirror configuration to preserve composition and text direction) face down into the wet gel, press out air bubbles and allow to dry. When completely dry (6-12 hrs.), dampen the paper with a wet sponge allowing the water to penetrate the paper pulp. Carefully rub with a soft cloth, fingers or nylon scouring pad (for a weathered look) to remove the paper but leave the image intact.


Smooth Embossing Paste Pearl 250ml

Fusion™ Smooth Embossing Paste Pearl is an acrylic based medium that has a thick consistency. It is ideal to use for embossing through stencil patterns to create a raised effect. It will dry translucent with a pearl finish and can then be painted, glazed or waxed over to enhance your design.

Can be tinted with our specialty tints in Copper, Silver, Pale Gold and Bronze colors to create beautiful effects. Tinted embossing paste using our tinting kit will have a different kind of effect given the lighting and angles they appear under. They can be applied by using a damp sponge, spatula, brushed, or used with stencils. These are great for embellishing raised areas and creating a more contemporary look.

New size - 250ml