Ultimate ONE Series

Round Ultimate ONE Synthetic #16 (16-30mm) SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

This is a super premium brush with special Staalmeester® ONE mix bristles that will give you the best finish! Look after this brush and you will have it for years.

This perfectly shaped, round paint brush with an unpolished French handle and stainless steel ferrule, is suitable for all applications from undercoating to applying effect on finished work. It also performs well on difficult jobs in corners and on smaller sides.

The brush distinguishes itself by its softness, its high absorptive capacity, and the smoothness of its painting result.

This is our favourite paint brush!!

Flat Ultimate ONE Synthetic #10 (100mm) SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

Brush with special Staalmeester® ONE mix bristles, suited for use with all types of paint.

This brush is used by professional painters and perfect for very smooth high-end finishing. This brush distinguises itself by its high absorbing power, its high adaptability to different surfaces, and its stripeless end-result! Is also a great blending brush for colour transitions. 

Made from a strong synthetic fine fibre that allows for precise coverage, it works especially well with Fusion Mineral Paint.

Can be used for artwork, fine furniture, blending and dry brushing techniques etc.

You can achieve a chiselled straight edge covering a large area as it is 100mm ( almost 4”) wide.